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Before construction begins, lengths of wood of eight different types are selected and left to dry naturally. Most of the wood is worked by hand using the basic tools of the ancient art of the squerarioli (boat builders): axe, planer, saw and hammer.

Costruzione della gondola - legni

After the preparation of the còrbe (frames), the phase of laying the maístre (master frames) on the cantiere built by Domenico Tramontin in 1884, to then continue with the aste (bow and stern posts), sérci (upper sides of the planking), i, nèrve (stringers), suchéti (the two ends of the gondola), fiubóni (deck planking), còrboli (longitudinal stingers), castagnòle (triangular piece that closes the stern thwart), trasti (thwarts).

Cantiere Tramontin - costruzione della gondola

Costruzione della gondola Tramotin

The second phase involves turning the gondola 180°, curving the wood with fire and water, and sealing the bottom.

The third phase involves turning the gondola upright before finishing, carving and painting.

Gondola in costruzione

Tramontin gondolas can be identified by the ‘signature’ element consisiting of three small and two larger dovetailed triangles carved on the caenèa, a  wooden part applied to the stern.

Costruzione gondola Tramontin - caenèa

Gondola Squero Tramontin

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