Tramontin Gondole

Tramontin Collection - Images from the Past


A historic pair of regatanti (participants in the Venetian Regatta) 'Lupo' and 'Pavero' accept the flag of the Regatta of the Liberation 28/04/46.

Luxury gondola, 1940

Luxury gondola in St Mark's Basin circa 1900, with the royal flag

Historic Regatta, 1940 - gondolini near S. Tomà

Regatta gondola n° 2 canarin (yellow) in front of the Ducal Palace, 1950

Gondolino under the Ponte della Paglia St Mark's, 1945

One of the best  regatanti of the 1950s: Nardin, known as "Lupo" (Wolf)

Launching a gondola with felze (cabin) - circa 1940

An old type of Bissona. Photo di Scarabello