Tramontin Gondole

Tramontin - Private Collection


Stern decoration in iron 1945-50 .

photo: Samantha Durell


Massoca - an ancient decoration used on boats of the RED CROSS 1870, now used on barchette (the boats used for crossing the Grand Canal).

Stern decoration, circa 1950
Stern decoration from the Fascist period

Stern decoration, House of Savoy, 1890-1900

Bow decoration, House of Savoy

Simìer of a royal gondola

Portea a spigolo - House of Savoy

Stern forcola - House of Savoy

Bow forcola - House of Savoy

Pair of wax cast  putti 1900 - House of Savoy

Pair of wax cast mermaids 1900 - House of Savoy

Luxury careghin (gondola chair) - House of Savoy

This felze (gondola cabin) belonged to the House of Savoy. It was carved by Besarel (real surname, Pancera) an aprentice of the more well-known Brustolon, a number of items of whom are kept at the Ca' Rezzonico Museum. The felze has bronze friezes; the inside of the door depicts Venus born from the sea, and the outside has a bas-relief of a bouquet of flowers. The handles are in the shape of a crab (cast in bronze); the ceiling is in red bordeaux silk brocade with some parts painted in black and gold; the glass of the windows (5) is in hand-made crystal, and the Venetian blinds work. The structure is covered in black cloth with silk pom-poms. The felze was built circa 1890 and weighs approx. 120 kg.