Tramontin Gondole

Building a Gondola - Part 1


Lengths of wood are chosen that have neither knots nor white edges (the new wood near the bark of the tree); these are then stacked carefully to ensure that the timber is kept perfectly horizontal. The wood is then left to dry naturally in the open air without the use of steam or oven drying, each centimetre of thickness requiring a year of seasoning.

The corbe (frames) are prepared before the construction of a new gondola begins.

The cantiere with the stem and sternposts and the three 'master' frames.

Curving the sercio (side) using fire on the lower part and water on the upper part.

Positioning the sides in single 15 mm planks of oak.

Setting the oak and elm frames.

View from the stern end of the boat complete with cimonelle.

View from the bow end.