Tramontin Gondole



Sonderschau Exempla 2013, "Handwerk bewegt" Tramontin, with other El Felze craftsmen, will participate in the event as a special guest: Sonderschau Exempla 2013, Handwerk bewegt, international trade fair in Munich from 6 to 12 march 2013.

Conversation between Marco Paolini and squerarioli and remèri: a talk given before the show "Il Milione" in campo San Trovaso.

Marco Paolini actor, writer and director
Roberto Tramontin, Silvia Scaramuzza,
Enrico Sandon, Saverio Pastor



Photo: Elena Tramontin

Gondola presented by the Municipality of Venice to the City of Souzhou, China, September 2008

The gondola on display

Roberto Tramontin and Councillor Laura Fincato of the Municipality of Venice

BIT 2006

Presenza al BIT 2006 (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo). 

Trasportando la gondola

Prima dell'apertura della manifestazione

Not just gondolas...

On the 9th April 2005, the Tramontin Boatyard celebrated the launch of 'Teodolinda', a beautiful sanpierota, a type of lagoon boat that takes its name from the island of San Pietro in Volta where it is used for fishing. It is extremely versatile and can be propelled by oar, motor and sails. Here are a few photos of the launch...


The launch

Testing the oars

Testing the motor


foto: Adrian Smith