Tramontin Gondole

The Tramontin Boatyard


The company was founded on the 2nd February 1884 by Domenico Tramontin after he had learnt the art of building gondolas in the Casal ai Servi boatyards. He made important changes to the shape of the boat, changes that had such widespread success that they were also adopted permanently by other gondola makers. The bottom was widened at the stern to compensate for the considerable weight of the gondoliers of the time, and the freeboard raised with a larger curve giving the boat a more elegant form.
Domenico Tramontin at work in 1920
Launching a gondola, 1924
The boatyard, 1930
Regatta contestants, 1930
Headed paper, 1938
Regatta contestants in the boatyard, 1938

The Fascist period

The boatyard, 1945

Giovanni Tramontin shows his son Nedis the 1:10 scale model of a gondola built in 1930 and sold in Indianapolis in 1945.

Ganzega (getting together for some food and drink) period 1945- 50.
The boatyard,  1950
Headed paper, 1962
The boatyard, 1975
The boatyard,  2004

Roberto Tramontin and Olin Stephens, Americas Cup yacht designer.

Roberto Tramontin with Mario Adorf, famous German actor.

Domenico Tramontin keeps a watchful eye...